See. Know. Update.

ARMNet, is the solution to map your network combining the immediacy of augmented reality with GIS platforms

Data are optimised to make field information actionable in real-time

ARMNet Screen

Why ARMNet?

Internal & external

Share where your assets are
and choose who can have
access on it.

Worker Safety

Increase the safety of your workers letting them know, before
to go on filed which environmental context is present.

Operation efficiency

Increase immediately the efficiency of your company

Field Call

We help you cut field call time up to 35%

Cost Effective

All this feature produce an immediate cut of the maintenance
and management costs.

Reduced Disruptions

Reduce dramatically the disruption on the urban environment decreasing the disruption on road.

With ARMNet you can

AR screen shot


where the elements of the network are

Technical Details


also before to arrive all the technical details of the element

Fiber Cables


immediately your collegues

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